Fiona has three workshops scheduled so far for 2017.

Saturday 18 February 2017
Toowoomba Art Society
Building Narrative in Artists' Books

When we make a book ourselves we are often thrilled that we have made the container – and pay less attention to what is contained. This workshop will focus on building narrative in your book-making, encouraging you to find ways to use the book form to tell a story – short and sweet, simple or complex, political or fairytale.
We will explore techniques to offer readers an interesting experience. The book will use a simple binding, and focus more on the content and sequence, using techniques to encourage enquiry and interest in the reading. We will make a small book with a cover.

Saturday 16 - Monday 19 June 2017
Wrapt in Rocky
Quietly and Gently

Sometimes we just need to be quiet, to slow down and be peaceful. This workshop will explore the beauty and elegance of working white on white. The limited palette provides both challenges and opportunities, with serene outcomes.
 Working on paper, you will have the opportunity to explore a myriad of ways to create texture and meaning on paper, using different materials and techniques. Embossing, printing, cutting, lettering and stitching will all form part of the week, and bookmaking will bring it all together.
 Participants will create a sample book of techniques as well as a light slipcase to protect the book. Suitable for all levels.

Sunday 8 October 2017
Calligraphers of South East Queensland
Topic to be confirmed!

If you are interested in Fiona running a workshop for your group; please get in touch.



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