Artist Statement

Words, women and making my way...

One woman murdered each week.

Too many poppies marking the centenary of World War 1.  

Refugees dying in detention.   

My work is informed by things that concern me; those things that feel unfair, unjust and unnoticed. What can I do? 
One of the things I can do is to make.
I respond quietly. My work can appear seductive or subversive. Initial attraction or intrigue draws you in, permitting you to examine a difficult issue gently. At times an appreciation of an issue is enhanced; at other times solidarity and recognition are sparked.

Words are the way I make my way through the world, and whilst I make in many ways; text and words are nearly always present. Words are my launchpad; they create connections; they build images in my mind; and they spark my imagination. 

My inspiration comes from snippets of conversations, lyrical fragments of language, pared down meanings and in particular the wisdom of women. Social justice is a theme I return to often, as is the quest for peace and peaceful ways of being in the world. As respite from difficult matters, I turn to the natural world and its wonder. 

My finished work has a calm and gentle order, and holds a quiet stillness. There is always space to breathe as I strive to make work that can be complex and challenging, appear simple and elegant.

Slow making is at the heart of my practice and all of my work takes time. Time to stitch, time to prepare calligraphy, time to bind books, time to set type, and time to ponder...

Making helps me make sense of the world.