Artist Statement

It's always hard to talk about your work and why you do it; and for me it changes over time. But for now; this is what I have...

Books have always been important to me, and I love words and telling stories. No matter what I make, text is nearly always present – in beautiful calligraphic words, in letterpress type, or in burnt book pages.

My work often responds to social issues as I seek to promote peace, raise awareness of family violence or consider the impact of war.

 For me, artists’ books create an intimate and personal space to view and reflect on art. They let you interact with them, touch them, and go back through and re-read them. You can experience the work one on one and discover it at your own pace.

 In making, I work slowly and meditatively, and all my book and lettering processes take time – from setting type to designing layouts for calligraphy or hand-stitching books. My work is quiet and thoughtful, as I strive to make work that can be quite complex, appear simple and elegant.