Monday, June 29, 2009

Reeds and lines

We have been busy entertaining guests and showing them the sites of the Sunshine Coast and hinterland. On Saturday we headed to Eumundi Markets and dazzled them with all the fabulous fresh food, creative work and fabulous design. We stopped and talked to Genevive of Little Green Dress and the girls at Audrey and Rose.

Heading back we stopped off at Ewan Maddock Dam. I have always loved the stunning blue-grey reeds that grow in clumps along the dam's edge; and this time we stopped the car and took some shots. I like the way the lines work and the reflections in the water, and can see me heading back for more photo opportunities.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last night we attended CREATE09 - Brisbane State High School's Art exhibition/extravaganza in South Brisbane. The works were displayed through the campus, and we wandered around the installations on a very balmy winter's night. My niece Emily's work was on display amongst the many talented young artists from the school. Emily's year was responsible for creating 'gateways' to the art at each of the entrances, and also for the lighting and illumination in the grounds. Emily's lanterns, which she made in collaboration with her friend Holly were a highlight for me - playful, stylish, elegant with a touch of whimsy.

Her main piece was a statement around the busy lives of young people and their desire at times to escape to a fantasy world. It worked beautifully as a statement, using digital prints on transparencies placed within a desktop filing/organiser system, moving from the black and white of school to the full-blown colour of moments of adventure and flights of fancy. It was an interactive piece, allowing you as the viewer to re-arrange the sequence and tell the story as you understand it. The ability to interact and play with art works is a recurring theme in my own work and I really appreciated the opportunity to play with somebody else's work!

There were fabulous photographs, statement paintings, wearable dresses fashioned from plastic bags, artists' books and sculptures and it was great to see so much talent shining through.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ancora Imparo

As a calligrapher, reader, and ponderer I love quotes. I often find that other people have captured thoughts so beautifully or simply, or can say what I want to say so much better. One of my favourite quotes which I use again and again is Ancora Imparo "I am still learning". It is attributed to Michelangelo and I must admit it works for me. It works for me as an artist and as an individual. I have so much still to learn as I develop my artistic practice; and as an individual I hope I never stop learning.

I have used the quote in a couple of artists books and will continue to use it for a long time yet.

A nest of 3 books - each with the quote written over and over with different sized nibs, and folded

1. The perspex 'pages' in a box
2. I love the way the letters layer
3. The pages laid out (Apologies for the glare)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And so it begins...

Welcome to my blog - a place where as a self confessed cartaphile (my made up word for paper-lover), bibliophile and graphyophile (my made up word for lover of writing) I hope to share my love of paper, books and writing; and some happenings in the studio.

I am currently part of a group exhibition in Brisbane called "Water from the Moon". It's a collaboration between five Maleny artists and reflects their responses to the beautiful Lake Baroon. Wendy was the inspirer and made the paintings; Ken was the organiser who also made ceramics; Noela made her 'wabi-sabi' jewellery; and I worked with Robyn, a local poet, to put her beautiful poetry into artists' books. The works can all be viewed at Ken's gallery Maleny Artworks.

On the weekend I ran a demonstration/workshop at the Brisbane Square Library on making handmade and artists' books. We were lucky enough to be in the 'suspended' pod in the Library, and here are a few photos of the workshop.

The exhibition closes on 29 June 2009.