Monday, June 29, 2009

Reeds and lines

We have been busy entertaining guests and showing them the sites of the Sunshine Coast and hinterland. On Saturday we headed to Eumundi Markets and dazzled them with all the fabulous fresh food, creative work and fabulous design. We stopped and talked to Genevive of Little Green Dress and the girls at Audrey and Rose.

Heading back we stopped off at Ewan Maddock Dam. I have always loved the stunning blue-grey reeds that grow in clumps along the dam's edge; and this time we stopped the car and took some shots. I like the way the lines work and the reflections in the water, and can see me heading back for more photo opportunities.

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  1. Oooo we're so y-gen... I'm even doing this from the I-phone. Very swish blog.... Although my world experience is now up to two blogs in total that I've visited. Off to make Barry's to make it three! Steve


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