Friday, June 19, 2009

Ancora Imparo

As a calligrapher, reader, and ponderer I love quotes. I often find that other people have captured thoughts so beautifully or simply, or can say what I want to say so much better. One of my favourite quotes which I use again and again is Ancora Imparo "I am still learning". It is attributed to Michelangelo and I must admit it works for me. It works for me as an artist and as an individual. I have so much still to learn as I develop my artistic practice; and as an individual I hope I never stop learning.

I have used the quote in a couple of artists books and will continue to use it for a long time yet.

A nest of 3 books - each with the quote written over and over with different sized nibs, and folded

1. The perspex 'pages' in a box
2. I love the way the letters layer
3. The pages laid out (Apologies for the glare)

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  1. What beautiful elegant work you do Fiona. I am looking forward to 'learning and growing' by following your blog. - Ancora Imparo



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