Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Artists' Books of peace

I've mentioned before how fortunate we are to have a fabulous, exciting, exuberant and interesting local Library here in Maleny.  Once again they are supporting the arts and the community with a small exhibition of artists' books about peace.

Ken, Noela, Barry and I each prepared artists' books based on the theme of peace, and we are displaying them in the Library foyer cabinet for a few weeks, before and after International Day of Peace (21 September 2012).

The more we can do around this time to highlight peace, talk about peace and encourage folk to think about what they can do and how we can create more peace is a good thing I think. As we say, the more peace the better!

Please forgive the quality of the photos - Barry and I only had our phones with us; but we figure better some pictures than none.

This is the cabinet at the front door with the full display.

Going from top to bottom, this is Noela's book, and here are her words:

Peace book

My book represents the notion that life has become so complex with dark layers of ‘stuff’ forever present.

The high tide mark in the ink indicates that enough is enough. It’s time to look beyond the distractions, however enticing, and to rise above the craziness to a peaceful, quiet, empty space where we can be replenished and renewed.

The mountains on the front cover are a serendipitous addition that appeared as the ink was settling – a wonderful metaphor for me because I truly need mountains in my life to achieve a peaceful state of mind.

Next is my book and my words...

Languages of Peace

This book is filled with love and hopes for peace.  I have written the word for peace in 25 languages, and embossed peace doves on every page. 

I chose a language for each letter of the alphabet (although I found no language that starts with the letter “O”) and wrote the word for peace in that language using my own heartbeat script.  I have chosen the softest and clearest of blues and white to suggest peace.

It is wonderful to discover that so many languages have words for peace, that the notion and idea of peace transcends cultures, and that peace is an aspiration shared by people across the globe.

This book reminds me that we all know of peace, and that many of us seek it. 

Continuing on, here is Barry's book and his words...

Sacred Peace Texts

This artist book aims to make links between the hope and prayers for peace on the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2012 and the peace and stillness of ancient temples – places of peace. The book is in the form of a sacred temple scroll.

The book has four metal pages each stamped with a different hopes or prayers:


The words are adaptations from public peace quotes.

In the main Sacred Peace Texts is made from recycled and found materials. The main body of the scroll was a small brass pump; the decorative ends came from old brass lights; and the pages are brass off cuts.  

And finally we come to Ken's two pieces and his words..

He opened a box…
Peace begins with a smile

These sculptures use a combination of recycled timber, rusted metal and hand-made paper. All materials have had a previous life, have been discarded, rescued and then re-worked on a theme to create a piece of recycled history.

Inspiration for He opened a box … comes from the complexity and the drabness of war and Peace begins with a smile …( words of Mother Teresa ) … reflect the joy and happiness of peace.  

My sculptures reflect an on-going fascination with life, death and rebirth and an interest in the traces of past existences. Starting with a pile of un-related materials and slowly working them into an artwork that can be read like a book. The idea of evolution frequently runs through my work as I explore the craft of assemblage.


  1. what great books! (I'm particularly taken with barry's scroll! too good!)

  2. That's very impressive. Let's hope the message...so strongly portrayed here... goes out into the universe (and breeds).

    1. Thanks Jo - it's a lovely display I think, and yes, fingers crossed for peace blossoming.

  3. Such a beautiful way to say Peace.
    I love handmade books.
    You are an inspiration. Hopefully your message will have an effect on everyone
    who sees this beautiful display.

    1. Thank you Pat the books are a lovely way to spread the message of peace. Go well.

  4. What beautiful, thoughtful, well conceived books. I agree with Jo about the messages contained in them. Hope it hits the mark.

    1. Thanks Lesley - one can only hope and do a little bit for peace...

  5. Great works Fiona; congratulations to all of you!

  6. Wow! What a great group piece. Each work singing with the others. I love the light at the top of this case. It's like you brought the sun in!

    1. Thanks Annie - they are a great group of works. We hadn't seen each other's until we set them up (except for Barry and I of course) and they do work well together. Thanks for the sunshine comment - a positive spin on a poor photo!

  7. Love each and every book for the obvious creativity and thoughtfulness that went into its creation. Makes me want to get out some of the containers in my "collection" and go to town. Very inspiring, very imaginative.

  8. Hello wholly jeanne - thanks for stopping by. The books are a fine combination of skills and approaches; styles and materials I think, and yet each send a message so well. Have fun with your collections and containers...


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.