Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Starry starry night starts again

Yesterday Susan and I met briefly to hand over our pages, to allow each of us to continue working into them and finishing the books.

It was quite interesting for both of us to show what we had done, and how we had made marks on the pages and how things were now left waiting for the next steps in our little dance.  Each time we work on each other's pages we do change the storyline a bit.

Both of us had ideas about where to next when we had first worked on our pages, and I don't know how Susan found it, but my sketched thoughts and notes have changed for sure!  I am now exploring quite different structures and presentation and mark making which is the interesting part of it as a collaboration I think. Whilst I will 'own' the book, it is not all of my doing - I will have prepared the way, responded to marks Susan made and finally wrapped it up into something that is mine.

So here is what I started with...a stark reduction lino print.

And here are a few hints of what I now have to play with - Susan spattered some ink,

And made some marks,

And did some really strong inking...

(The studio light and my photography skills make it appear that my dark bits are lighter than Susan's inked bits but I think that's about gloss versus matt - it looks cohesive in real life)
How exciting!  Both of us have remarked that when we look at my re-worked pages, it is intriguing to see how the bold lino cut still grabs attention and draws the eye - despite what you might think could be strong and distracting marks.  I'll show more when we have finished and had the books have had their get-together - next week sometime.

Now I really have to sit down and see what I'll do - so many ideas running this way and that! What a great place to be.


  1. I really like the first stark image of the black gradually giving way to the stars..... simple, graphic, just right

    1. Thanks Ronnie, that's where I started and I liked it too, but didn't really know where it would go...still wondering a bit!

  2. we are going to have fun ........ weird how that last image photographed isn't it? Your part of that image is actually so much stronger.
    I have nearly finished my book. Just the sewing to do .....

    1. Lucky you Susan! I got 3/4 hour over there today to ponder and explore and think I might have the direction now, but still have to make it happen - eek!


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