Saturday, September 21, 2013

International Day of Peace 2013

We have had a wonderful International Day of Peace here in Maleny.

Barry and I started by hanging our different sets of flags outside our house and then spent a morning with children making peace leaves for a peace tree at the Library. It is school holidays here and the children will keep adding to the tree all week.

Here are some of the flags flying at our house today:

Fabric flags, screenprinted with a golden origami peace crane image.  The flags are flown in the traditional order, with Blue for the sky; White for the clouds; Red for fire; Green for water and Yellow for the earth.

My weathergrams have been added to and there are plenty flying high and getting blown by the breeze, and sometimes buffeted to the ground.  Then they get carried away by the wind; sharing their message of peace.

These are new favourites! A while ago we did a printmaking workshop where we used "baby wipes" to clean the paints off the plates.  They looked so gorgeous at the end of the day we saved them from the rubbish and brought them home to dry.  Then we screenprinted them as well and now they are hanging proudly and looking absolutely beautiful!

And finally for hand-made paper flags with origami peace cranes embedded within. These are slightly more vulnerable to the elements so we have hung them at the front of the house, under the verandah. They make a warm welcome to our home...

Matthew at Maleny Newsagent also printed a couple of posters for us to place at the top of our block so that people driving or walking by would know what the flags were all about.

Barry has also been busy with his flags and his peace tree - pop over and see what he got up to as well!

I have done a similar post to this over at Flags for Peace; but it is worth visiting just to see what others have managed to achieve this year...

We gonged our peace bell this morning and again at midday - this evening as the sun sets, we will gong again for peace.  Every little bit we do, in whatever small ways we can, we can help to amplify and share the message of peace in the world.


  1. All your flags are a pleasure to behold!. I just wish the right people could look past their hunger for power and see what we, the citizens of the world, want.

  2. I've never seen so many fabulous peace those cranes.


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