Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Treasures from our travels...

One of the best things about travelling is going to flea markets and op-shops, thrift stores and garage sales (or lawn sales) in different places and checking out the trash and the treasures.

We have a favourite market in New York - the Antiques Garage Flea Market at 112 W 25th St. In fact we visited it three times during our stay!

I have been unpacking bits and piece and popping them on shelves in the studio or just sorting through them.

Here are some of my favourite finds…

A child's box with beautiful pens and things…

Some bakerlite Q-cubes in their original leather pouch, letters to play with!

Tins of old watch faces and parts…

And just to prove you don't have to go away to find precious things, here are some magic bits from  here in Maleny!

Some of these bits and pieces will find their way into work; some might get used and some are just gorgeous to look at and make me smile!


  1. Such great finds. I love those old labels on the medals in the final shot and the letter cubes.

  2. ohhh ... *weak in the knees* ... what lovely finds! definitely drool-worthy!!

  3. Great finds!! Love the watch faces.

  4. What a lovely selection of finds! The child's box of pens and those wonderful watch parts and faces would have been irresistible to me too. Imagine putting a good handful of those cogs and wheels on a white surface and drawing the spaces between and within them ... I might just try it off your photo!

  5. These are wonderful treasures! Thanks for the photos to look at. almost as good as the real thing.
    Sandy in the UK

  6. Treasures!!! What joy to find stuff like this.

  7. Oh, what delights! These are the best kinds of treasures to gather on a trip. It will be fun to look to see what pops up in your projects this year. I am still looking forward to unpacking the little bits & pieces I found in Sydney over the holidays (mostly fallen leaves, bark & berries, & a variety of paper-related things from cafes & such)...

  8. Treasures indeed! Appeals to the magpie instincts in us all.

  9. It gave me a thrill to see the Female Relatives badge in your last photo Fiona. I have the one belonging to my grandmother when my father was serving in WW2. Is this a family treasure of yours or an interesting find?


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