Sunday, October 12, 2014

Layouts, drafts and doodles

I am in amongst a couple of calligraphy commissions which really means I am in the studio for various lengths of time writing and re-writing the same words! Measuring up some lines, then working out nib sizes, writing them out, checking the layout, adding emphasis here or there, changing nib sizes to see what happens.

I think, I hope, I might have just found the right layout for both of them for now.

So I have ruled up the paper once again, and during the week I will hopefully write them out properly.

Some close-ups of the working drafts.

Different nib size and a few words I think I can delete.

Quite like this of, if only the f was somewhat straighter!

And my table as it appears at the end of another day...

But then I just had to go play for a bit, burning more beautiful tengucho paper.  Despite the fact these probably look like fish scales, I am thinking about clouds and how to express clouds...

It is quite a lovely, drifty, exploration and every now and again I catch an idea, a thought or a possible expression and have to get it down or try it out. Fortunately there is no looming deadline on clouds and I am free to meander through them for a bit longer.

To finish - one of the best parts of this weekend, was to head down to Redland Museum today to attend the opening of Personal Histories - a remarkable international book arts exhibition, conceived of and curated by Robyn Foster.  It was wonderful to meet Robyn in person and see what a gorgeous job she has down with these books; and to meet fellow book artist Terence Uren for the first time, and to catch up with Helen Malone.

Barry, Susan and I were there so it was a great little gathering. In amongst all the excitement, I failed to take any shots which could be shared here, but do pop over to the Personal Histories blog - lots of loveliness. And if you get the chance - the show is absolutely worth a visit.


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    1. Thanks Valerianna; I am really testing myself with how toe press clouds for books...pondering, pondering, pondering...this was a fun experiment for sure. Not sure about the singed edges tho...not very cloud-like. Go well.

  2. The clouds are lovely. What do you do with your practice pages?
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Thanks Sandy, as I said to Valerianna I'm really struggling to find ways to express clouds for books, but it was fun. The practice pages usually just go in a drawer - I write notes on them and then they are there to remind me what I did in case I need to re-do it a some point, nothing very exciting at all!

  3. this post makes me happy. thank yuo.


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