Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” 

George Bernard Shaw

I heard somebody say on a home renovation show the other night how they enjoy walking into a house that shows the owner's character and personality.  I stopped and looked around me and thought I wonder what our house says about us?

I certainly looked at the art and thought so much of it is a reflection of parts of us - some vibrant and expressive; some quiet and muted; some old and worn and beautiful...yet somehow it does all feel like us.

I wondered if George Bernard Shaw meant that when we look at art, the work speaks to us or moves us in a way that reflects our soul.  Or do we make art that reflects our soul?  I imagine he was speaking for the majority, and not only artists, so that the art we see and enjoy and respond to is saying something about us as well.

Art and images do make a connection on some deep level - we respond to different work for different reasons: some obvious, some tangential, some unknown, but always worth wondering about.

One of my favourite recent additions to the yard - looking from the kitchen I see these leaves bending, against the backdrop of our rusted Corten Steel them.

"Bending IV" By Barry Smith.


  1. can you imagine not being able to make art ?

    1. Hmmm not any more Mo - there have been long stretches of my life where it never happened; but nowadays my mind is filled with ideas and what-to-do-nexts!

    2. I would just shrivel up and drop off the twig

  2. Your home is definitely YOU! On my brief visit recently I was delighted to see your eclectic collection of art, and the design of, and spectacular views from, your house. Even the grounds have lots of lovely surprises....the book wall, the rust wall, sculptures etc.

    1. Thanks Jo - it feels very much like a home to me as we surround ourselves with things we enjoy, and which make us smile. And I love that about the garden too - wandering here and there and spying a sculpture, a pile of objects, a book wall, lots of fun!


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