Sunday, November 8, 2015

A talk and a winner..

As mentioned las week, on Thursday I drove down to Brisbane to give a talk to the Australian Textile and Surface Design Association.  They wanted me to talk about my artistic journey, marketing and promotion, my love of paper and what I make with it and my career highlights.

I really enjoyed myself, and survived the thunderstorm-riven drive home,

As part of the talk I had some bookmarks to give away and took along some small books and some prints for sale - in case folk wanted to take home "a little bit of something".

I had fun working with the technique that Gemma had taught back in February, using a range of water-soluble pencils and crayons and then adding a word or two. Inside there are nice printmaking and watercolour papers to draw on or write on or...

I had such fun going thru my threads and trying to choose eight different colours that matched the covers.








 All stitched and ready to go..

Once they are packed and sealed of course!

But on to more important things... the winner of the Imagine Peace print giveaway is:

Congratulations Charlton (Margaret)!  Let me know the best address to post this to and I shall send it on its way...

Thank you all so much for the kind thoughts and words you left me. I hope to use the words somehow someday...


  1. OMG - fiona, oh l just love these little books you made, the colours, the letters, are so pretty, l wish l had more time at the moment to sit and make a few little books, life has been busy and not enough creative juices flowing, the workshop with Gemma is this coming weekend and l am just so excited .

    1. You will no doubt have made you down book by now Kate if you did Gemma's workshop!

  2. Congratulations to Margaret! What beauties she'll be receiving.

  3. Fiona, your little books are tiny treasures - so very pretty and useful at the same time. Like Kate, I now want to make some books, though I have no excuse for putting it off... And congratulations to Margaret!

    1. Hope you have had a chance to make some wee books Carol - it feels good just to have a small one around! Go well.

  4. I LOVE your use of graphite, surrounded by soft colors! Lately I've been playing with graphite, and have decided it's time to add colors.
    Tried to send this comment a few days ago from my iPhone. We were traveling. I rec'd notice that someone had hacked my password. Since the iPhone messages/comments take longer to write, I didn't bother to try again, so here is my second attempt to post!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. Love.

    1. Thanks for persevering with your comment JLH! Lovely to hear you like them and my work - go well.

  5. Oh those gorgeous pencil letters again... sigh! So beautifully framed on the cover of your books. A beautiful giveaway that will be treasure without doubt.

    1. Glad you love the pencil letters Lesley - I am a wee bit besotted myself! Go well.


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