Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Studio sharing time

At the Open Studio on the weekend, I had set up my small Adana letterpress so that people could have a little play, print a card and take it home.

I did all the preparation before they got there - I figured it would take too long for me to fiddle and faddle getting all the type and spacers and furniture together whilst folks were watching and waiting. And maybe I just had a little bit of performance anxiety given I am so totally new to the whole game.

So as they say in tv cooking shows - here's one I prepared earlier!  The chase with the type all locked in nicely.

I used that beautiful Gothic typeface that no one knows the name of, and which incidentally I managed to finish cleaning and putting in it correct case over the weekend so I am now on to my third last case of dirty old type to clean. But I digress.

I grabbed some scraps of paper and got them to the right size and people all had a play and printed themselves a sweet little card.

Loving that texture.

I chose red because of the whole Christmas time, as well as the words.  They seemed to go together well with the typeface, and it was lovely getting folk to create a little bit of peace on earth whilst they were with us.

I enjoyed the different light play as I tried to photograph some of them afterwards.

I didn't get to photograph any of the action - but here are the only three I had left after we finished.


  1. These are lovely Fiona. Love the red lettering. That sure is a special font.
    Sandy in the UK

    1. Thanks Sandy - it worked out well didn't it?

  2. Alas, I didn't make it up the mountain...for various reasons. Glad it was a successful day. That printing is superb.

    1. The mountain is still here for you another time Jo - hope all goes well. The printing looks good I think and is such fun!

  3. Love the texture of the letterpress, it seems to work especially well with that font and colour

  4. What a perfect marriage of words, typeface, color & paper...and I love the ornateness of the letters & the festive red in contrast with all the beautiful white space in which they are placed... I definitely have letterpress envy!


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