Sunday, January 17, 2016

A play day

On Friday Barry and I hosted three young teenage women for a play day. I was a bit worried when their mothers mentioned to us that they were looking forward to their "workshop" with us - hopefully we could meet expectations!

Barry spent a lot of time with them making stunning jewellery - see here - and I spent time with them doing some calligraphy.  A coupled of scattered hours doesn't really allow you to master calligraphy I must say, but they did enjoy themselves and saw improvements.

I just loved these ink spots we made!

Studio set up and waiting.

Practice sheets and play lines.

the Best M!

A book mark each

 My hands at the end of it, messy messy messy.

For me the best part was I got to play too! For the very first time EVER, I got to make my own form-folded metal leaf. Yay.

ta da.

 Have to confess Barry did all the polishing...

A gentle return to the studio.


  1. Replies
    1. It was fast and furious fun Ronnie -and quite the mash up for the girls!

  2. Wow Fiona, I've just read Barry's account of the day and coupled with yours it was obviously a full on one. I think I'd be on my knees at the end of it, as a participant, let alone how exhausted you two must have been. Lucky, lucky girls I say. There, but for a few thousand miles or so go I !!

    1. It was a fairly full on day Lesley, but they all stuck with it and achieved heaps. We were both somewhat weary at the end, but that satisfied tired if you know what i mean. We could have excellent play days if there weren't thousands of kilometres between us! Go well.

  3. Seeing the girls practice sheets brought back memories of teaching high school calligraphy classes many years ago. It's not easy to do and requires lots of patience but is rewarding when students begin to see improvement in their work.

    1. So true Melody - it can take a long time to really get the feel of calligraphy I think, and yes it is always good tone able to see progress of sorts!


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