Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday Thoughts...

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” 


It is a thought worth pondering I think as we consider how best to use our precious time. Not only in  the big things of life, but also in the little things along the way, as I look back over the year since my mum died.

The words here ring with an edge of regret, a hollowness, or loss; of not taking opportunities.  I am not sure you can really live successfully with regret; but I think the words are helpful in terms of guiding or shaping some of our day to day decisions.

In typical fashion I head to the middle on this idea; I don't honestly believe you throw everything up in the air and do whatever you want to do right now, just because something might happen. Nor do I think you just sit there going oh I have plenty of time for everything I want to do or say so I can just put that off.

I do think the words might suggest that if there are important things to do or say, then do or say them now.  If you have a kind thought, then act on it.  Don't necessarily put off the things that matter; but find ways to incorporate them into your life somehow.

None of us ever know when we will run out of time for ourselves, or with others, so I guess it is just about making the time we do have matter.


  1. Great post... for me, that is one of my favorite quotes and it means take time to swoon over plumeria's lined up in a row... I will take that with me all the day long, thank you! x

    1. Ahhh - time to smell their sweet fragrance Cat; it is so gorgeous isn't it? Glad you enjoyed!

  2. beautiful thoughts and what a view, I could spend a few years just looking at the ever changing beauty from your verandah!

    1. It is a special place Mo - we never tire of staring out and over the valley...

  3. Replies
    1. Ahhh V - the best things can be can't they? Go well.


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