Sunday, June 4, 2017

A little bit all over the place...

Wow. A week ago we were in Melbourne, tomorrow we fly to Jakarta.

At the same time as we deal with travel and sadness; we are both having to push through so many art projects and commissions - try to make small gains, even tho we are about to lose another week of working on them.

Before we flew to Melbourne last weekend, there was a gorgeous harmony and unity project in our main street - looking up to the sky at all the threads that connect us...

I had a few moments to consider whether one or two red lines would work best on this print...

In Melbourne we were able to visit the organisation where I had done words on windows and the stitched stories...

I really love how when the blinds are drawn; the shadow words appear as well.

I saw the boxed works on a wall for the first time, bathed in sunlight.

 I came home and progressed a book job that is waiting - a "This is your life" type Life Membership book for Apex.

And managed to collect some trial frames I am preparing for Sydney.

I don't know about other folk; but when I make work I really prefer to make the work, then work out how big it ends up being as I choose frames and mats to support it and make it look its best.

With the show in Sydney, we have very limited space and I have to make work that will fit in that space.

So I asked our local framers to prepare a couple of frames of different widths and colours, and a double mat that would allow me to look at how much white space I wanted around the piece; how deep the mat board and how wide the frame itself.

Here is how a couple of them looked today. There is another double mat to collect as well and test the amount of white around the work and the depth of the mat.

So many things to plan for and prepare for!

2cm white frame

3cm white frame

3 cm black frame

I am pleased I asked him to do this as they all make the work look quite different!


  1. true! All very different, but pretty !

    1. All over the place says it all Annick! Go well.

  2. you are so organized (((Fiona))) love the way the work looks so different in each of the frames, I let Madeleine at Artsite make all the framing and hanging decisions for me as it is not my forté

    1. Oh my goodness Mo - It doesn't feel organsised; more like pushing this here and that there and trying to anticipate...and all probably keeping me from the making of the real work; but soon I shall focus I hope! Go well.

  3. envying your organization when i despair of mine. i just love your melbourne project, so beautiful and powerful.

    1. I think my organisation is just distracting me from the making of the work V! The Melbourne work remains very dear to my heart, glad that it reaches you too...go well.


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