Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Whiling away in Waiheke!

Barry and I have just returned from a quick trip to Waiheke Island off Auckland.  Fortunately for us, Auckland is only a 3 hour flight from Brisbane, and Waiheke Island, well its another world away...

We were celebrating a milestone birthday for Barry and we had a delight of a time.

Such a beautiful place, and so much art to ponder upon.

The welcoming view...

 There was art and sculpture throughout the island. Outside the Library, these calligraphic words (wind land hau whenua by Kazuhisa Nakagawa) etched into the concrete...

And this fabulous corten steel Tui's Drop by James Wright.

A beautiful gallery called space housed these homes by Paul Radford.

These magnificent totems were at the Dead Dog Sculpture Park. Sadly we had returned the information sheet before we walked past these so the artist is unknown sorry.

Back in town, I loved how life imitated art, sort of...

Back at our cottage we watched the sunset glow

 We wandered to beaches and fell in love with this boat shed at little Oneroa.

We visited Gabriella Lewenz's beautiful studio and bought this piece as a memory. Altho it was coastal inspired, it felt like valley-mountain mist home...

And a final farewell to Waiheke.

Time flies when you're having fun. Home briefly then onwards again... a little bit of madness never hurt!


  1. Best (belated) birthday wishes to Barry ... what a beautiful spot for celebrating! I can see how you especially enjoyed the totems and pole houses ... not to mention that boat house would have made a favorites list for Don and me, with its cunning paint and trim work.

    And thank you for the pointer to Gabriella Lewenz ... I added her link to my artist websites after enjoying a look at her work.

    1. It was a beautiful spot to celebrate Liz. I love posts and totems somehow - not sure what the do to me or say to me; but they make me feel good. Gabriella was also lovely in person and makes very beautiful work...go well.

  2. Happy Birthday Barry and wow what a good place to celebrate!

  3. A Peaceful and enjoyable birthday and celebration, lovely.

  4. What a beautiful place, love the paint weathered boathouse.

    1. Me too Beverley - it was stunning. A beautiful place to slow down for a bit...


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