Sunday, December 22, 2019

Summer time...

I am not sure if it happens elsewhere, but here in summer the radio and television, and even some news emails and podcasts, move to 'summer  programming' which means - not the usual things.

I feel bit like that this summer - having been distracted from the studio by the kitchen and the sewing room...

Following on from the post where I mentioned I felt the urge to make labna, the results are in and it worked!

After 4-5 days we removed it from the fridge and the handkerchief and it was a nice firmish ball.

I put some dukkah, dried rosemary and pink Murray River salt into a dish and rolled teaspoon-sized balls in my hands, then rolled the balls in the mixture

Yum. I poured some olive oil over the top and they are ready for spreading on biscuits, toast or strewing through a salad of sorts.

I also wanted to test if they would make sweet labna balls and I can safely say yes they do.  I rolled them in a sweet dukkah mix, then poured warmed cinnamon honey over the top and they were a wonderful accompaniment to fresh nectarines and raspberries.

And so to the summer of sewing.  Again, who knows why but I have got my sewing mojo going and have been stitching most everything in sight.

I wore the pants I made last week all weekend, and I finished hand stitching the circles on this house frock and it does make me smile.

I had bought some fabric ages ago as a possible extension to a top, but went with another options so it sat there looking at me in a way that said - I'm not really you, but let's see what we can do.  So I made a sleeveless top with a gentle cowl neckline and I think I will wear it! Bonus.

 A couple of years ago I bought this fabric with a gift voucher I was given for my birthday.  I loved it, but then within a week or so, the fabulous Maleny Additions fashion and homewares shop started selling tops made with it!  How unbelievable - I went all the way to Sydney to buy it, and then a local designer started sewing with it too.  So that was it for me, I couldn't bear to look like I copied them, so it has sat there again, waiting, waiting...

The clothes made with it by Donna from Muse, were looser and larger than I might wear, so I have finally decided to make a fitted dress from my toile with a few variations. Here, I have changed the neckline and also narrowed the shoulder seam, and angled the shoulder seam to match my shoulders. 

I am amazed that I even dare to modify patterns now - I  must have learnt something at sewing!


  1. a delicious post, from start to finish ...

  2. Fiona - I wish I could sew but you inspire me every post...


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