Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's less than 6 months to Christmas, yet I am still in love with this book I received last Christmas! It's a fabulous alphabet book which uses intricate and clever paper engineering to form the letters of the alphabet as you turn pages. The author is Marion Bataille, a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Paris, and it is published by Bloomsbury.

I took photos of some of my favourite letters, but came across this clip of the book being opened which gives a much better sense of how cleverly the letters unfold and work together. She turns the C into a D with a turn of a page and a little tab being pulled, V becomes W when you hold the mirrored page up to it and there are lots of other ingenious elements. The thing that really impressed me was how she managed to design the letters and the pages so that they were robust enough to be mass-produced. U is truly beautiful. Enjoy!!

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