Friday, September 4, 2009


As Barry and I prepare for our exhibition, I am actually making progress! I spent another day in the studio today - finishing one version of the piece for Japan, doing all the layout and design work for ANOTHER piece on large timber (why did all this wood suddenly come into my life I wonder?), as well as engraving perspex as you do. At least the perspex was for the exhibition.

During the week I managed to finish these small "mindfulness" cards. They will be placed in one of the beautiful copper bowls Barry is preparing and they can be used to choose a daily word, one to keep in mind as we go through our day.

These are the nouns; the verbs are yet to be done. The cards measure 5cm x 1.2cm and are written using copper gouache. The back of the cards is decorated using copper gouache and a mix of colours to look like the patina that happens on copper. Kind of. Sort of.

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  1. How mysterious the 'ANOTHER' in upper case is !!!


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