Sunday, February 6, 2011

New art in our life

One of life's great pleasures as an artist is that you often get to hang out with arty-type friends who make beautiful work. Sometimes you are even lucky enough to be able to become the owner of beautiful work - either as a gift, as a purchase or as the lucky winner of a giveaway - which is the story of each of these pieces.

In recent times these three pieces have appeared in our home through various means, none planned, and I can't believe how beautifully they work together. Serendipity is indeed a wonderful thing.

Kim Schoenberger is a talented ceramist and sculptor - she goes from fragile porcelain to welding metal, but always works from the heart and is led by the process.  We have always admired her sculptural work and feel honoured to have it in our home and in our garden.

Ken Munsie is another talented ceramicist and sculptor - he works with paper clay and makes his own paper for inclusion in his sculptures. We have several of his pieces around the house and they always make me happy.

All Things Lead to One by Kim Schoenberger 
House of the Holy: Enlightened Ones by Kim Schoenberger
Sparked by Ken Munsie
Trio of works by Kim Schoenberger and Ken Munsie
Both Ken and Kim are busy, creative and generous friends, and I just love seeing what they do next! We are working on buying a slightly bigger table to display these wonderful pieces, to let them breathe a bit more...soon.


  1. What great pieces to have in your home - and how fortunate to have such friends!

  2. such beautiful and artful pieces!! they do work together beautifully ... the colors and textures just meld into each other :)

  3. These three sculptures really speak of the values found in your own, and Barry's, work. What wonderful additions to your home.

  4. I am drooling! These pieces are wonderful! Just my cup of tea.

  5. TT/G - yes lovely warm and gentle pieces - and great friends!

    Luthien - thanks for stopping by; I was intrigued to discover how well they went together - but they do need a bit more space to really shine I

    Carol -hi! They fit with us and our house and our work I agree.

    Robyn - yes, they are soooo good aren't they - all found materials with handmade additions (paper/ceramics). I think one of Ken's pieces might even have been one your very first tumblr photos as well!


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