Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Your art has to come out of your daily life. I really believe that if anyone is born an artist they've only got to look at what's round their feet and what's available to them. They don't have to be clever, they don't have to go to art school, they don't have to get the exotic stuff - make it with what's there. People think art's like you strike it lucky and you're famous tomorrow, but it isn't like that, it's a search for honesty on your own terms.  The journey to self-recognition took me decades.
Rosalie Gascoigne

Rosalie remains a bit of a hero to me - her honesty and down to earth approach to the world of art continues to inspire me . The fact that she never went to art school and her acknowledgement of how long it took her to find her voice and tell her own unique story encourages me.

This quote is very descriptive of the sort of work she made - by looking and scrounging and investigating the country around her, she found pieces that she could put together and make beautiful. 

It's the last part that really sings for me though - 'a search for honesty on your own terms'. I keep returning to this theme, and this quest to ensure I am making my own work and creating my own treasures. The more I do, the more I work each day on my art, the more I realise I have a well within me, of untapped and yet to be explored ideas and directions.  

Rosalie Gascoigne, White Garden 1995


  1. Rosalie is an old favourite of mine too. Many a time when I've read her thoughts on art I have felt so inspired and of course her work makes my heart race too. It is rather exciting to think of the untapped world of ideas within. Thanks for a lovely post Fiona.

  2. YES!!! It does take decades to even find the well within you and then the rest of your days are spent discovering what's there....cheers!

  3. Rosalie is one of my faves, Fiona. Her work is inspiring in its simplicity. Your work also has a simplicity, and inate serenity. If only I could declutter my mind!

  4. this rings true for me as well...having studied art I also believe the journey is a personal one that is found "through one's own terms". White Garden is brilliant.. love the simplicity.

  5. This is an amazing quote, Fiona! Honesty on your own terms - as if there could be any other kind! And yet, so many artists strive for relevance and authenticity through such misguided means, allowing the standards, expectations and dictated styles of others to put them off the one true path of who they are and how they see the world, but also, as Rosalie says, not seeking any further than what is right around them as material for their self expression! But it is also so true that this lesson sometimes takes a lifetime to learn and apply! Many thanks for this reminder to stay true to one's own truth.

  6. A timely and welcoming reminder for the soul Fiona, just what I was needing, thanks for sharing. Rosalie's works are most inspiring indeed. I would have to say her works are the dominant influence with my assemblages.

  7. Great quote and I LOVE this piece. Have to keep reminding myself to pay attention, it's all there and all around, just waiting to be rediscovered, so thanks Fiona

  8. So true Patti - all that time to even recognise its there - and another lifetime needed to really get to it all!

    Jo - thank you; I love Rosalie's work and one of my life highlights was seeing her retrospective exhibition in Melbourne a few years ago. Me, space, her work. Fabulous!

    Lisa - thanks! This is a special piece isn't it? So simple,so beautiful. Enjoy your journey- in the end we can't do anybody else's can we?

    Gabriella/TT - I just love her! She is so frank and open and honest about it - cuts thru all the rubbish that can go with artspeak and and the rest of it. And yes - the simplest of reminders to just be us - no one else can do what we have to do...

    Kim - so glad it came at the right time - she is such an enduring inspiration isn't she?

    Liz - I think we all need gentle reminders sometimes to breathe, and see what wonder and opportunity is around us. This is truly a most beautiful piece of work. Sigh.

  9. thanks for sharing this wonderful artist- great quote- so true- artists search for their authentic voice and personal style.

  10. Donna - thank you; Rosalie was a great artist - honest and true - and brave enough to talk about and stick to her own style even when it wan't fashionable.


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