Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” 

Anna Quindlen

I think I should probably try to follow up some of Anna's books - they seem to touch on some interesting topics.

As Barry and I reflect that one year ago we were in New York for our first visit, and all the wonderful things that happened there; including catching up with new friends who feel like old friends, (Jennifer, Gabrielle and Brian and Mary Jane) my mind turns to trains, planes and automobiles. And books.

Books are a must-have accompaniment to any journey. They are the journey, yet they are home.

It's quite fascinating to me that an object or objects can be ascribed such disparate features and functions and yet that it all makes perfect sense to me!  Books can be the journey - the trip you go on with them as they tell their story and the manner in which they accompany you on a real journey; or they can be home - the way they make you feel. They can be the road - the path that guides you - as well.

For me, there is a sense of completeness to how she describes what books are for her, how they feature in so many different ways and provide her with so many different things. I liked that.

I know always feel at home with books no matter where I am.

A couple of hand-made books, on the couch at home...


  1. I so agree with you. I have loved books and their contents since I was a baby - maybe because my mother was learning to read and write English at the time. My Scottish grandmother gave me only books as presents from the age of two (each with a handkerchief) - and as a solitary child I read a lot.
    I was then lucky enough to have a career in publishing, and having married another bibliophile, our house is full of them. And having a Kindle each has not stopped us - it has simply given us an excuse to acquire even more reading material!

    1. Hi Olga - yes books can be so many things - I just think of them as my constant companions; almost like friends...

  2. Ever since you mentioned The Book Thief I have had it in the back of my mind and finally found it in my local library the other day. I am engrossed already and finding it 'unputdownable' so I can subscribe to these thoughts with you Fiona. You always seem to find a pertinent take on this enduring theme.

    1. Better late than never Lesley I hope - so glad to hear you are enjoying the Book Thief - its very absorbing!

  3. oh so true, and I will have time whist away to totally immerse myself in some good reading. At home while travelling. I love the concept.... The destination and the journey.
    A lovely post F x

    1. You will no doubt find books keep you good company along the way...


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