Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Finishing off a bit of collaboration

A few weeks ago Susan and I got together to make a box for our unbound book; and we also used the time to choose some papers to make a 'container' to hold our envelopes from one of our previous books.

It was fun going thru Susan's paper drawers and choosing papers that would work.

We selected a brown one and a kind of zebra one. Not the best of explanations, but I'm sure you're with me.

So having selected our paper, I headed home, and independently we made our 'containers' for our envelopes.

We smiled of course when we got them together for a quick look to see where we'd gone with the same materials.

Susan had created a lovely folded pouch which she wrapped loosely with some leather thronging.  She had chosen to use the dark side of the paper.

I had chosen to use the lighter side of the paper and made a slightly more structured envelope with a clip to close it.

As ever, they both work beautifully together, yet they are uniquely their makers' own.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Louise - I must admit I do love making packets!

  2. What beautiful papers, especially that crazed pattern - as if the paper has been crushed and flooded with ink. Yet again the similarities in packages highlight the synchronicity you and Susan share in these projects.

    1. Mmm Lesley - it's delicious isn't it? I think it might be from Thailand? Yes, the similarities do work well, but our palettes are usually opposite - so I smiled at me going light and Susan going dark - again!


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