Sunday, August 11, 2013

More printmakers' play

Barry has already posted on our play day with Maleny Printmakers, but I have so many colourful photos I just have to share as well!

We are a small group (13) who are kind of independent, loosely connected and yet all get on well and do good things together. One of my favourite parts of being a member is that you have to sign up to one rule - The "No Divas" rule.  We just don't want to deal with divas or divos for the blokes, and as a result everybody just plays nicely together, and works nicely together when we put on exhibitions.

We hosted  a play day here a few weeks ago, today it was Kim, Sonja and Nancy's turn to share and teach and we had great fun with geli-plate printing.

Basically a monotype process, working with Nancy's beautiful Golden inks, we explored the layering and textures, mask prints and ghost prints.  I love that we all just settle in and explore in our own way; ask questions, investigate what others are doing and share our inklings, without any divas demanding attention or having hissy fits..

I did heaps of different things in quite bright colours

And a few in more subdues tones as well...calligraphic marks

Habu thread...

Book pages and words...

Overprinting kozo paper...

 And the others did amazing are Barry's mountains...

One of Steph's beauties...

 One of my favourites of Kim's stunning pieces...

Sonja's combination piece...

Nancy's silhouettes and life drawings...

And one of Di's leaves...

All very delicious, immediate and fun. Not sure how I will use the gelli-plate printing, but it's great to have it here as an option. We need to do quite a few new prints for our November exhibition so it may get a run there.


  1. If you don't have a press, gelli printing is the next best thing. The detail one gets is really incredible. These are all so interesting! I love my gelli plate.

    1. It's incredible the detail they can hold isn't it? They are just fun to have around and play with!

  2. these are all wonderful to see and make an impact seeing them all together.

    1. So much variation isn't there Tammie Lee? And they do look good all bunched together, with your eye going this way and that.

  3. So much to inspire in this post ... Your blog is always worth visiting.

    I love the philosophy of your group ... how I would love to find half a dozen souls of such a like mind to experiment with. I envy you all.

    Also, Gelli printing is a technique I've been wanting to find the time to explore for a while - in fact I have some plates on order so your lovely post with its rich variety is most inspiring in a practical way too. I can't wait for my order to arrive.

    1. Hi Charlton - I am sure you will have much fun and enjoyment! I was surprised at how bright mine became - I am ususally so monochromatic and neutral. The group is a good one indeed - good attitudes and good food!

  4. these are so individual and inspiring -
    and the range of effect is so interesting! glad you had a fun day getting to play.

    1. The variety is quite wonderful isn't it MJ? and yes, it was good to just stop and play - I am amazed how my right brain just soaks in it all day and leaves my left sided worrying brain out of the loop for a few hours!

  5. What fun - I've not heard of this method of printing and now want to give it a try! Thanks for sharing


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