Monday, August 26, 2013

Working, working,

We seem to barely pause to take breath at the moment, there is so much on and our days and lives are filled.  We have just spent a full weekend with old friends with much chatting, eating, drinking and making.

Before the weekend Barry and I were busy with our commission and with setting up the exhibition.

Commission-wise, it is a real collaboration - we co-designed the look and feel and we each contribute individual bits; but we also work together on some bits.

Here is Barry drilling holes in Perspex that I have marked and bound together.

Together we set the sheets together, hold them in place with copper nails so that the holes line up, and prepare the rivets.

Then I hold the sheets together tightly and Barry forms the rivets with the hammer strokes. It is very labour intensive that's for sure.

And then sometimes I let go and take photos!

Its always interesting to see an exhibition space transformed from an empty shell to a place of interest. We didn't get to take shots of the whole gallery in its finished state but here is a glimpse of us working and making it happen.

Quite a few of these pieces have moved around since we took the photos - its always such an iterative process of seeing how things look; moving, re-checking, adding, subtracting...  


  1. LOve the shots of setting up the exhibition space - so exciting!! It's going to look fantastic.

    1. Thanks Annie - there is certainly something organic about setting up the space - growing something out of seemingly nothing...

  2. how wonderful that you two work together and individually. I also enjoy the idea of you two having a show together. I would so enjoy coming to see it!

    1. Hi Tammie Lee - and thanks! Despite our quite differing approaches to things we do work well together and often the results are better than either of us could have achieve alone. It would be nice if the exhibition was closer to you hey? Go well.


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