Sunday, October 20, 2013

The beat goes on...

The rhythm of printmaking that is... I am finding it interesting to observe the rhythms and repetitions of the printmaking process; discovering ways in which to simplify and streamline things, to make myself more efficient as I go along.

I spent today playing and fiddling again. In typical fashion, even tho we have to produce 10 prints each I find myself busy making more than 10 just because I keep wanting to explore, and I expect I may regret that decision when the time comes to choose.

One of the ways in which I have managed to streamline things is that I spent many hours and even days  though the week re-working and re-arranging the studio. Our friend Jeff moved his stuff from the top floor of our shed, so we have now created a gallery space up there and it looks grand. Which leaves me with the downstairs for a work area, and may I say I am revelling in that!  Barry helped me build furniture (love a flat pack) and together we heaved and moved furniture upstairs, downstairs, across to the house, from the house to the studio...and we now both have new improved work areas.

Amazing how when you clean up and clear out you find the dedicated spaces for cutting your paper, soaking your paper, blotting your paper, inking up, wiping down, drying...without any bother at all.

I'll do a studio tour and show you the new layout soon.

We spent a lovely today together today printing - Barry did the most amazing etching editions; whilst I prepared more plates, and did some double colour lino cuts, and a test-run or two on peace.

Some new plates and the left-over ink from Barry's print run...

And some proofs as I played.

I have resolved my dilemma of whether to do colour or black and white for my silhouette flowers by deciding to do 5 of each!  So here are the back colours printed - yellow for daffodils, red for poppies and blue for cornflowers.

As you can see I have left pink sticky notes to myself on all the new storage to remind me  what I have put in there! Hopefully I'll get accustomed to all the new hiding places soon.

And the silhouettes printed onto colour...

And as I said, I road-tested Payne's grey. I am intrigued by how sombre this looks; and yet somehow it seems to suit things as well. Peace isn't all flowers in the hair and happiness is it? It can be hard-won.  No idea if I'll use this yet, but it will be there to choose form.

And on another note...the Maleny Celebration of Books is on next weekend and tomorrow I set up a display in the Library, along with some great local children's authors.  So in line with the notion of celebrating books - here's a party in a box waiting to head on over!


  1. wow, good and productive, both you and barry. good work, you both seem so happily busy!

    1. Thanks V - we are both happy, busy and productive at the moment it seems! Lots on but lots of good stuff...

  2. Ha... lovely party in a box. I love getting really organized in the studio, and have a space cleared out so more organization can happen is divine. Look forward to the studio tour, I love peeking into studios.

    1. I'll get organised and take some photos soon Valerianna - I too love a good sticky beak at others' studios so its only fair I share...Amazing how de-cluttering also de-clutters the mind a bit. Must remember that! Go well.

  3. organisation is great...but messing it up even better.

    1. Quite right Jo - there's a senses of satisfaction in all aspects aren't there?


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