Saturday, November 9, 2013

BAO Exhibition in Canberra

I have been fortunate to participate in a couple  of editions of BookArtObject and have created some books I am proud of, and have received many wonderful books in exchange.

My wee book A Subversive Stitch was made for Edition 4 of BAO, and has gone on to sell mostly into University collections in the US. So BAO has been kind to me.

Caren and Terence in Canberra have pulled together an exhibition of the books they have received and made; as well as a couple of swaps from Edition 4. The exhibition details are:

17 October - 28 November 2013
Building 13 Academy Library, UNSW Canberra.

A great set of photos of the exhibition, the space and the books can be found here.

Here are some  photos of my books on display - Snow Falling in Daylight, and A Subversive Stitch.

My bestie Sue has been to see the show and says it is fantastic - I wish I could get down there!

Thanks Carena and Terence for your brilliant efforts on our behalf...


  1. These are lovely and the exhibition fascinating ... but so far away!

    1. A lonnnnnnnng way away isn't it Charlton? We can't even get down there to see it which is sad. But the photos give you a good feel for it I think.

  2. Bet it's a fab show...congratulations Fiona.

    1. Thanks Jo - it looks fabulous fro the photos, wish I could quickly wing my way down there...


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