Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Brought you by the letter J

Which is a pretty strange title, but my blog post today is about time spent with Jennifer, whose name I often shorten to J. Time spent with her in real time and time spent with her, sort of.

I can't work out how to iPad link to Jennifer's blog posts so apologies in advance - please check my side bar for her adventures, wanderings and creations.

But back to business...on Sunday Jennifer made a mad-cap trip down from Connecticut to spend a few hours with us in NYC. It was great just to wander and chat, have some lunch and look at some dreadful art. It was horrible and I won't go into into it here, but really, it was just plain wrong to call it art and show it in a prestigious art museum. Although of course, I may just not get it.

These are close-ups of some of the best pieces I saw there and they are by Leon Ferrari, Reflections and untitled.

Apart from chatting and eye-rolling together, I felt like a winner when we collected an almost rainbow of guides to MoMA.

Barry managed to photograph us in a festive setting and all on the way back to Grand Central Station.

It was just great to catch up again, and it felt so special for Jennifer to fit us into her busy week. Until next time!

In our chats about this and that Jennifer reminded me that the Sketchbook project has a home in Brooklyn.  Luckily we were headed back to Brooklyn and factored the Brooklyn Art Library into our day. Again apologies for no linkages...

A shot from the front of the Library, showing one wall of sketchbooks, and Barry at the table reading thru his selections.

We got our library cards! and went thru the catalogue - there are nearly 30,000 sketchbooks now and we found both of Jennifer's, so I checked them out and got to hold them. oh happy day.  They find the book for you and give you a mystery book to look at as well. Many many hours could be spent there...

The first two are shots of Jennifer's 2013 book, and the last one is from her 2011 book.

Lucky for us the BAL was very nearby a Toby's Estate coffee shop (an Aussie roaster) so we stopped for a flat white and a biscotti. The remnants.

Thanks Jennifer for making our trip so special!


  1. I love seeing bloggers I follow meet up! Such a rich and inspiring trip, Fiona. Hope you are enjoying yourself immensely!

    1. We are indeed Valerianna, and so good to have face to face contact with inter web friends.

  2. that sketchbook project and your time spent perusing the works sounds like a real winner! (oooo and isn't it marvelous for blog to meet real life!)

    1. The the whole sketchbook thing was fabulous fun Ronnie, and catching up in person way cool too!

  3. As you said, we've seen good art together and now we've seen bad art together...and rolled our eyes, made faces, laughed and were astounded that the bad art was...what?...so bad?...that it made it into MOMA. What more could we ask for to cement this friendship/kindredship of ours?

    I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday and only wish that there was time to do it again...well...maybe we could skip the bad art part next time. And seeing your photos from the Sketchbook Project have made me even more determined to visit it. Signed up for the Winter 2015 version too. Seems I only do the odd numbered years...

    Enjoy your remaining time here! Have you figured out how to take a bit snow home with you? Perhaps in a jar filled with this icy air?

    1. Hi J, yes we've done the good, the bad and the ugly really haven't we? Greta to catch up and I am so glad you reminded us of the Sketchbook project, we're all enthused now! Go well, travel safe.

  4. So wonderful to see you, Barry and Jennifer in my neighborhood!
    How I wish I were still there; I hope we organize it next time...
    Enjoy the rest of your US stay and safe flight(s) back.
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Anna, we've made a couple of trips to Brooklyn now just great. And what a shame we missed each other by a few hours...maybe next time!


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