Friday, September 12, 2014

Peace Flags flying...

This morning, and again this afternoon, we walked up the driveway and tied some peace weather grams to the tree at the top.  Barry went up the ladder, I stayed on the ground.

Next Sunday, 21 September, is International Day of Peace. For the last couple of years we have made and hung flags on the day; and in the weeks before and for months afterwards, the peace weather grams hang in the tree, moving gently in the breeze and sharing their message with passers-by.

We've had some very strong winds and the occasional shower in the past few months, and the last of last year's weather grams had drifted away; and all that remained was dangling bits of string.

Today, the tree began to fill again...

After the morning session, I looked up to the tree from the kitchen...

The afternoon sun on the weather grams.

I said to Barry I was very happy that in some spots, there were now three generations of weather grams. In the photos you can see the new string, last year's string and the string from the year before. I like that.

I hadn't realised until today how much I had missed them.  I love looking out as I type and seeing them waving in the breeze; that I stand in the kitchen and watch them. If the window is open I can hear them moving; and I look toward them as I walk to and from the studio.

Today I have seen so many people look at them as they drive by, and couples walking along, stopping to look and read them.

'Tis good to share more peace, and I am so happy to have them back.  I will keep adding to them up until next Sunday, then will sit and watch them as they drift and disappear over the course of the year.
It's a nice cycle in my life.

I would be happy to share your thoughts for peace, and have you join me in this small peace-filled installation.

If you would like me to add a flag for you - please send me a few words on peace to write (maximum 5 or 6!).


  1. Replies
    1. I shall do Olga - will hopefully hang the new ones tomorrow (Sunday). Go well, and thank you.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh Mo, I would so love to do this...I shall write a weather gram and get the message out there. Hopefully they will get hung on Sunday, go well.

  3. Lovely, Fiona, I always love all the flags for peace installations - yours and all the rest.

    In THIS moment, Breathe. Peace.

    1. Yes valerian, it is in each moment that we need to breather peace - each and every breath...I have written this one for you and hung it today. Go well.

    2. Valerianna - of course - not the magical speller that converts my typing...

    3. Considering my name is related to valerian, the herb, I'm not surprised the spelling wizard inside the machine thought to edit... ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Yes Rosie - I shall write this one for you. It remains so true - can't we just give peace a chance? Go well.

  5. As always, your peace tree and peace grams are beautifully inspiring and vice versa. Would you mind adding Be Peace for me? Many thanks!

    1. Hi J - it's studio day tomorrow I hope, so yours will fly happily by tomorrow night (Friday)...Plan A.

  6. 'peace is a verb !'

    beautifull project!!!!

    1. Thank you Marleen - I shall add this to the ones I do on Friday! If we could all do peace - like a verb - what difference it would make.


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