Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Black and white and white

I looked around the studio the other day and was taken with how much doodling was lurking about - lovely graphic black and white bibs and bobs. As well as some white on white - yum.

These strips of paper were trial prints - and I love that the gouache was still so wet and glossy.

I think the straight line would be perfect for writing letters on or above or below into those wilder spaces.

or maybe vertically alongside it...

More trial prints- this time I think with Habu thread wrapped around a piece of timber. Very random, and I think I would need to be a bit more focussed if I were to do it again with a piece in mind, making those white spaces sit beautifully.

Different Habu thread, different piece of timber.

Stamped letters - white on white (or more accurately I guess it's white IN white)

 And an embossed page. Mmmmm, this one I like very much...

Black and white can be so gorgeous - and white on white is always a winner with me. It's fun to look around and get inspired and wonder where to take these pieces next...


  1. Ooh such wonderful marks... The white on White is just delicious ... And that Habu thread. It's a completely new idea to me, wrapping silk or cotton round very fine stainless steel- an extraordinary idea and what lovely marks you've made with it.

    1. Thanks Charlton/Margaret - it was such a simple idea a friend sent me and created such interesting marks depending on the size of the timber and the type of thread - lot so fun to be had! Go well.


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