Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday thoughts...

“A bookstore is somewhat like an ocean—it may look the same but it is always changing if you are a careful observer.” 

Paul Yamazaki

Today I write in praise of one of our local book shops.  Our small town has a large number of book sellers and for the past couple of years we have run a boutique festival called the Maleny Celebration of Books. We have moved it forward to winter this year - with the idea of cosy-ing up with a book  in Maleny.

We meet regularly at Rosetta Books - after hours Ann lets us all in and it's like being in a lolly shop. Fancy being locked in a book shop after it has closed! Oh my, the books and delights that surround us; it's amazing we ever get anything done!

Ann has a wonderful coffee shop inside as well, so we sit around the communal table and whilst we wait or there is a lull, eyes turn to the book shelves. And yes, the quote is so true; each and every time I sit at that table I look at the books and the titles and the covers and they are all different to when I last looked.

I love the turnover, the refreshing of books and somehow it always makes me realise anew just how many books there are in the world - so many people write books - people buy books, read books and gifts books. 'Tis a wonderful place to be.

Of course if "you just go in for a coffee" there is every chance you'll discover a book that you really really want or need and yep, it leaves with you.

So here's to book shops, to readers, to writers and to celebrating books.

Join us if you can on 3, 4, 5 July - so many great things to do and see; books to read and enjoy and discuss.

The gang of great women organisers of the CoB!


  1. oh what fun it must be in the bookstore after hours. i have always loved small book stores. here they just aren't faring very well. even the big chains are having trouble staying open. i think reading is down in general, then add nook and kindle. sigh. there is nothing like holding a tome. when the harry potter books were coming out, i used to take the kids to the midnight releases. and it would make my heart warm just to see all of those people - many kids- in a bookstore at night. anxiously waiting. those are some very treasured memories. i am so glad you do this - if i were a neighbor i would be there with you.

    1. It would be great to have you here one year MJ - you'd love it! There is absolutely something special about book stores after hours - even more magic appears.


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