Tuesday, June 23, 2015

52 books finished

Wintry inside type days mean have meant that I brought my wee books over to the house so I could sit and stitch them and finish the insides whenever I had a spare moment. It also meant I didn't have to head to the shed-studio and sit with them there in the cold.

They are finished.  I had to attach the inside covers and then they were done.

1 to 52.

All bundled up together - I do love a bundle.

I laid them out on the floor - 52 individual books make quite a long line.

Very very faintly - the inside front cover shows an embossed cross.

The inside pages - reminders that the women who are killed by partners or former partners are women we know - they are mothers, daughter, sisters and friends... just like so many of us.

And the hand-burned individual pattern with a watch part, reminding us it is time to change what we do and how we respond to family voice.

And the inside back cover shows a faintly embossed female symbol. Look closely!

A little grouping...

 I have designed the housing and now have to get it made. Not too far from the finish line for these wee ones now.


  1. Oh Fiona, what an a amazing job you have done, wouldn't the world be a much better place with a few more thoughtful people like you, there is so much violence in the world today , some days l think it will never end, Peace is so badly needed, l love that you are trying to make a difference with your beautiful books, may l ask what you are doing with them when you finish, are they being donated to a cause ? , whatever you do , l hope it all goes well and everyone appreciates all your hard work.........cheers
    PS. ....... Just want to say thanks for inspiring me with your books, l dont have alot of wall space either, but still need to do my Calligraphy somewhere, so books are it, l made my first concertina book last week, the theme was on the ANZAC'S in my and my partners family who died in the first WW, so a big thanks to you and Helen for the inspiration from the letters you sent me, l'm very pleased with my first result, l dont have a blog, but would be happy to send pics to you if you would like to see it

    1. Thanks Kate - sometimes its hard to know what one can do; but I do choose to use my art to support certain things - women, family violence prevention and peace.
      Also so glad that books are beaming part of your making. I am always more comfortable with words in books than on walls - more intimate and personal or something. Go well.

  2. these are lovely fiona --- I look forward to hearing about their journeys out in the world xxxxx

    1. Thanks Ronnie, I don't know their future fully yet...but it will emerge over time...


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