Sunday, August 2, 2015

Re-making continues

So, back to the re-making of Endure. We did the breaking the pages thing.  Barry used an oyster knife to slide between the layers of Perspex, twisted it and popped the rivets. Cracking the Perspex along the way of course.

One thing we determined - we do good riveting!  They held very well and took quite a bit to break, so that is comforting on one level.  I offered to help with the knife, but Barry really does prefer to keep me away from blades unless absolutely necessary, so I observed that part.

Next step was to gently take the broken layer off, and transfer the inside pages to the new inset.

Then  attach the words directly to the Perspex - no slipping this time - and then gently place the lid back on. The static electricity created by Perspex is something to behold - all those tiny burnt fragments just wanted to dance and leap about everywhere!

Then we were back to riveting.

Then back to stitching.

And now we have a beautiful book again. I'll have to show those photos later - it deserves a blog by itself without all the process distractions...stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations on fixing the problem; just goes to show that some things just require a lot of persistence!

    1. Patience, persistence and tenacity Sharmon - all needed in spades!

  2. Fascinating process, Fiona, and such a lot of work. But so worth the effort, it will look stunning for its new home.

    1. Very painstaking Carol - but well worth it! It deserved to be made the best it can be...go well.


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