Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...

“People think of education as something they can finish.”

 Isaac Asimov

I love this thought!  It makes such perfect sense from the perspective of a half century; yet it could be hard to convince a teenager or a person in their early twenties that finishing high school or university isn't actually the end of learning at all; in fact it is just a marker along the way.  I guess they want to believe that studying is over and the rest of their life is just doing and being.

I have had great role models - both my parents were the first in their families to attend university; both had careers; and then both went back and did further degrees in their fifties and sixties.  And started new careers!  I love that learning continues for ever and that there is still so much to explore and understand.

An oldie but a goodie - Ancora Imparo - I am still Michelangelo.


  1. This reminds me of an old Peanuts comic strip in which Sally Brown says, "Going to school is an education in itself, which isn't to be confused with actually getting an education"

  2. love your ever enquiring mind Fiona


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