Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pebbles, packaging and peeling paint

I have been fortunate to recently be able to sell my calligraphy pebbles through the Caloundra Regional Gallery shop. The Gallery has recently updated their display cases and the styling of the shop is lovely.

I was planning on taking down another round this week, but over the weekend some folk stopped by after seeing a big bowl of my pebbles at someone else's house and deciding they really wanted some for themselves!  What a hoot.

So I have had to re-package and re-organise the number I will be taking down, and as I did I enjoyed playing with the wooden boxes and trays that I use to store them here.

The pebbles I have gone through and that are sorted and ready for writing.

Peaking through the handle hole...

Packaged up, letter by letter, counted and numbered.

And just the lovely worn and peeling paint on the sided of the storage drawer.

Now to send them off and hope that folk at the Gallery shop enjoy them!


  1. i can so imagine a new word game with your letters, but i love seeing how you keep them, before and after becoming empowered by letters.

    1. They look so innocent in the before shots don't they Velma?!? The transformative power of letters, and words, and sentences, and chapters, and books...

  2. Guess I'll just have to add to my collection...they are irresistible.


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