Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...

“The aloneness is total and complete. Not loneliness but aloneness. Loneliness is always concerned with others; aloneness is concerned with oneself.”


I think I've mentioned before(!!) how much I ponder solitude and solitude and silence and silence and silence and silence.  Occasionally in my reading, I come across another way of describing these two states that works for me, that makes sense and resonates somehow.

I like this differentiation between loneliness and aloneness. I very rarely ever equate the two - but I know for some folk just being alone, feels lonely.

Loneliness does seem to be all about others - missing people around you; missing those who have died and left a huge dark hole; missing seat friends who have moved far away; its about the absence of others.

Aloneness is much more to me about being with myself. Being quiet and in my own world, and knowing that is enough, that is perfect for the time. It does feel complete, as if it is all that is needed. I am not lacking anything at those moments; I am full and fulfilled.

 This enigmatic piece was in an exhibition by Anish Kapoor in Sydney back in 2013. As I wandered through my photographs it seemed to offer a sense of solitude and contemplation that matched my thinking.


  1. the luxury of enjoying silence and solitude whilst sharing this life with my soul mate in a stable creative partnership yet always remembering the long dark heart wrenching days in free fall with no direction, no home and no significant other to turn to...

    1. Silence can be companionable with the right person can't it? It sounds as if you are in the right place with the right person at the right time Mo - I'm glad that you are, and that you can recall those other times and give thanks for the now. Go well.


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