Sunday, July 12, 2015

From the collection - Rapunzel

I haven't had much time this week for my own art - I am beavering away on a few things that aren't in any shape or form to be shared yet, so I have returned to the collection.

BookArtObject was a fabulous project to be involved with and I received many wonderful books in exchange for the ones I made and sent around the world.

Rapunzel was the title of one of the stories that Sarah Bodman wrote and buried in Denmark, (this series of book titles formed the basis for Edition4 of BAO) and Jac Balmer chose to make one of her books about that title.

'Rapunzel' is a digitally printed concertina book from original artwork by Jac. I loved following her process and thinking on her blog, back in 2012, when she was making this book. There were so many twists and turns, changes in direction, it felt like the way my work often goes.

I think she started out in a warmer colour palette, but I love the soft blues, pinks, mauves and greens of the final work.

It comes wrapped in a lovely simply wrap around cover.

Which you open to see the front cover of the book - enticing tracery of thorns and brambles?

The book opens with visually stunning artwork of Rapunzel, the forest, the castle window, so many things to discover in here...

Her detailed illustrations are so beautiful

I love the shadows of the silhouettes as well - reversed?

It reads so well when it stands...

 It is a small but sumptuous book, filled with imagery and meaning that requires time to be spent with it, to wander back and forth through the images, discovering nuggets anew each time.


  1. How beautifully made. International exchanges are the best!

    1. It's a stunner Jo and I do agree - how fortunate are we to be able to exchange art across the globe? Go well.

  2. A sumptuously splendid book, Fiona, definitely one to be treasured.

    1. There is so much in this seemingly simple book Carol - I love when simplicity is so elegant, yet complex. Doesn't really make senses, but I'm sure you know what I mean! Go well.

  3. Now that is stunning. What striking line work and use of colour. I love the idea of an international book exchange. Where was I when that was going on?????
    Sarah is organising the bookmarks project and in an e mail to her last week I said I saw she was heading your way. I think she must be in Australia by now ready for your Brisbane event. Hope that all goes well Fiona. Shall be looking forward to the report of the event!

    1. It is such a fine book Lesley and wonderful in the hand. Sarah is here and I am in Brisbane now as well, equal parts excited and nervous, will keep you posted!


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