Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The joys of type

Taking a slight diversion because I haven't yet had time to progress much on the Endure front...

Last Friday I was uber-excited by the arrival in the post of my first sets of brand new, shiny, lead type.  I had ordered some from San Francisco and was waiting patiently for it arrive. The woman at the post office noted that the parcel was small, but heavy!

One of the best things about buying brand spanking new type, is that it comes boxed, packaged and organised.  Not like the type I am buying or rescuing from old printers where I have to clean and sort it and it take ages to get going.

This will be just like "open it up and pop it in its type drawer", I thought.


As I went to open it, I noticed this...opened for inspection by Customs.

Inside a little note confirming this.  I wonder what they thought it was?

The first box I pulled out looked like this, and I thought that' s not too bad, they must have just had a peek and worked out what it was.

The second box I saw, looked like this.  A little bit sadder but holding together OK I thought.

Until I picked it up to move it...


The next few boxes were perfect, then right at the bottom I saw this.

Yep, an entire box spilled. Bummer.

I rattled round in the box and found these orphans in amongst the packing beads.

To go with the ones that spilled out from the second box. Aren't they shiny????

I guess, on average I didn't do too badly. But I do have quite a long job ahead of me sorting out and organising this box of type, which I had hoped to simply transfer across!  At least I don't have to clean it.


  1. Hi Fiona, it must seem like christmas in July at your house, until the discovery of the naughty elves that had opened the presents
    have fun with your new toys

  2. So sorry for the troubles Customs caused. Wonder what they thought it was - gold bars because of the heaviness? Now wouldn't that be something!

    How delicious all your type is - both old and new. I can't wait to see what you do with it all. Oh! The books that will be created...

    1. It was a little bummer of a moment J - but now I just figure its another thing to do in my spare moments here and there... I am enjoying having it around and planning what to do with it - the dreams I have! Go well.

  3. TSA almost always leaves a love note in our luggage when we fly ... probably because I bring lots of stuff to cook with at the beach (nice little plastic bags labeled baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch, etc.) and then we fly back with junk store finds (clock parts and rusted tools). I'd love to be a fly on the wall as they try to figure us out.

    1. Must admit, I think artists cause all sorts of consternation when they travel with their weird bits and pieces - your white powder in bags as well!

  4. Yummy new type! What fun. Pity about Customs, though I guess their intentions are good, and at least they didn't empty it all out. Enjoy!

    1. So delicious Carol - I know their intentions are good, but I was just a little bit sigh-ful! Go well.

  5. As I started to read this I sort of knew where it was going..... but as you sort it you'll be thinking of all those ways in which you can use it. How delicious is that thought? Catching up with all your posts you busy person! I wish I could say I've been as busy too although I am doing some copper sulphate etching this week and referring to those notes of yours, so I am doing something. Good luck with the re-finishing of the Endure book. I'm sure the new version will have all the spirit of the old one too.

  6. oh, i would be so steamed about it if i were you. but you have NEW TYPE. awesome


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