Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spending time with Silence

We are almost there...

Susan and I met briefly this morning to do a few last minute catch up things before we deliver our work to Noosa in the morning. Our priority was to finish off all those final tiny details on our 10th book; the book we have called Silence.

Firstly, we embossed our marks onto the inside lower flap of the box we had made to house the unbound book.  Then Susan signed the back of each page - there are 50 pages.  We are using 25 to create an edition of 5 artists' books. The first two are held in the Pas de Deux collection; but three are for sale.

We are then selling the individual prints with original calligraphy in editions of 5 as well. That is, there are only 5 of each page, but they can be bough individually.

We finalised a few things and after she left, I went on to number every print, name every print including the quote attribution and sign them as well.  Then it was wrapping the individual prints for the books in the beautiful tengucho paper (without creasing it) and then placing them in the box, and wrapping them with the band.

I then popped each print for sale into cellophane bags and sealed them as well.

So I have spent most of the day with Silence, which is a beautiful book.

The books and pages will be available for sale through Noosa Regional Gallery once the exhibition opens - the individual print-calligraphy pages will sell for $150 and the artists' books with their 5 pages, individual wrapping, hand-made box and band and process of gentle revealing will sell for $1000.

To give you a sense of the kind of day I had, here are several photos of the works, taken by Anastasia Karyofillidis.  She gave the books such gentle lightness and quietness...

One book in its box with bands on the left; one other book partially opened...

Getting closer to the books...

All the prints are out here...

The page we nominally open with - a quote by me.

 The second page - a quote by Susan...

The third page - a quote by Hanif Kureishi

A beautiful fourth page quote by Christina Rossetti...

The page we nominally finish with - quote by Mark Rothko

It was lovely to note that today, with a bit of distance between us and the hard work involved in the making of this book; that we both felt so much happier with how it turned out and feel quite good friends with it now!

If you would like to talk about purchasing a print or a book - please don't hesitate to email either Susan or I.


  1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (silent kisses)

  2. Just beautiful, Fiona...and so delicate! You two each make beautiful work on your own, yet work so well together! Bravo and best wishes! -- Patti

    1. Thanks Patti - it really has been a joyful collaboration and we have loved the way the two together is often greater than one plus two kind of thing...


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