Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Thoughts...

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” 

E.B. White

Oh me. Oh my.  Sometimes it's just that simple isn't it?

I can't fully describe wonder - it seems to have in it so many necessary, poignant little bits that really matter.

Wonder is about openness, and allowing yourself to be awe-struck or carried away to places you never knew of. It is so much about acceptance that we don't know it all, nor have we seen it all.

It seems to be a willingness to let go of a weariness with the world, and instead be free to see the magic and excitement in it all.

I love it when I pull wonder from our set of daily words - it is one of my favourite words and reminds me to never get world-weary; to always be open and to exclaim with joy and heartfeltness the pleasure we find in the small, the unknown and the everyday.

I think wonder also recognises how small we are sometimes in the scheme of things when we observe  a sea urchin opening to feed; a sunset of colour beyond belief; a night sky filled with stars and the coming in and going out of the tide...

I try to keep my eyes open for wonder on a daily basis; to stop, and pause and acknowledge it.

Isn't this the recipe for a good day? With bowl and weaving and pebble by Mary Jane Dodd 


  1. to you and susan on the exhibition.

    1. Thanks Velma - it is a grand word and your wishes are so welcome!

  2. wondering what your show looks like!

    1. Well yes - you can almost see it Mo, Tuesday for sure!


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