Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It hasn't all been print!

Despite an absolute flurry of printmaking and print-related events of late, there has been time to push a few small projects forward.

I am preparing to teach Quietly and Gently at Wrapt in Rocky (class full!) in a weak or two and went and bought some lino for participants to emboss with.  I thought it was the same as I usually buy but of course it wasn't quite and and I had bought it in bulk.

I thought I had better do a test plate and see if it would work or if I had to go out and buy more.

For reasons best known to my subconscious brain I chose this fluid question mark, made with a  handmade comb pen as my image. What was I thinking?

But I kind of like how it worked out anyway.  The lino is manageable for cutting and embossing so I think we are good to go.

I have also been preparing some backgrounds for words - calligraphic and letterpress. Nice soft colours with a bit of movement.

And doing a few calligraphic drafts of the word Lexicon - to see if it will work for a friend.

And around town there has been a bit of action too - we had Knitfest here on the weekend, and amongst other things, they yarn-bombed the police station with the Tardis!

And today we went out in the rain to the offical opening of Barry's sculpture for the Unity Water wetlands.  The work looks so gorgeous in situ.

A lovely corner of the post.


  1. Well done to Barry and well done you too. Those ink wash backgrounds are beautiful. Just crying out for you to add something to them.

    1. He did great Lesley - the post and bench look beautiful. The ink washes are still there - working out just what to put on them - it will be words, but which ones? and how? Soon I hope! Go well.


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