Sunday, June 26, 2016

Journals journals journals

One of the things we get to do as tutors at Wrapt in Rocky,  is to have a table of small things for sale - things that students might like to purchase, and our sales night is tomorrow night.

Before I left I spent some time making small journals - I figure you can never have too many notebooks.

I used some of my friends' feathers - I have good friends who collect and share them with me - as well as some of my white on white work.

 I stitched the feather onto 300gsm watercolour paper for the covers, then included 180gsm watercolour paper for the pages.

I always love a guinea-fowl feather...

The subtle colours in this one are so beautiful.

And then I stamped some letters... a b c

 Embossed a map...

 And rolled some tiny indentations across a cover.

Which left really subtle patterns on the covers and I like the way you have to investigate further...or you just get a nice surprise when you realise it isn't blank!

And I found a peacock feather to throw into the mix.

And then packaged them all up for sale.

 Hopefully folk will like them.

And last week, before I left, we had this fiery sunset - a stunner!


  1. Hi Fiona, Love your little books

    1. Thanks Kate - so late in replying but my feet have barely touched the ground of late!

  2. Gorgeous work Fiona, exceptional attention to detail and display of wisdom, I love your books.

    1. Thanks Louise - these are happy little books I think.

  3. Oh yes, you can NEVER have too many notebooks. I can confirm that statement!


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