Sunday, January 8, 2017


Whilst Barry and I have been under the weather this week, not much art got done.

We mooched about a bit, continued the new year tidy up and clean up of the house, and generally took it quietly.

So this is a selection of random moments over the past few weeks.

We spent Christmas in Sydney, at Coogee beach and there were some lovely moments, early in the morning, looking out to sea. I love the way shooting into the sun changes everything...

The sea baths.

The quintessentially Australian Surf Life Saver flags...

My Dad heading through to the cliffs for a good look at the ocean

 and I got to go feed the chooks and hold one (in my best Christmas Day frock and all). No animals were harmed in the taking of this photo.

We returned home to a hydrangeas in full bloom. I love love love this colour.

Managed to quietly sort some type we collected in Sydney. Thanks Mo!

When I say collect, my Dad very kindly drove it home in his car - no way could we have posted it or carried it on the plane!

Today I started to play with mono prints - this trial used Caran D'Ache water-soluble crayons. Interesting!

I accidentatllygot some ink on my embossing tool that makes my mark, so I had to clean it off and the  it seemed easiest to just emboss, emboss, emboss and wear it off. I did so on a tissue and was surprised that it worked so well!

And as I left the studio this afternoon, I took this photo of the first flower ever on our ponytail palm - fascinating.

 I am still finishing two commissions; one is ready to hand over (yay), and new work is getting ready. But slowly, slowly...


  1. wonderful randomness, and chickens in your nice dress! lovely stuff, and i hope you are feeling a bit better.

    1. My life often seems quite random V! Glad you enjoyed - and yes the chicken in a good frock... pretty much 90% I reckon so that's a long way on the road to recovery. Go well.

  2. Beautiful images, thank you so much for sharing them and your journey

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment - always appreciated - and I'm glad you enjoyed the wanderings. Go well.

  3. yay you got the type! and wow re the Ponytail palm in flower, how old is it? isn't hydrangea blue one of the most beautiful old fashioned colours in the world? The Australian master potter Ted Secombe was making the beautiful hydrangea blue vessels back time the 90's here's a link to an example
    and to his website

    1. Yes Mo I did thank you so much - am working on tidying it up and can't wait to print - it is gorgeous and there is lots of it it! Will be in touch properly soon. Lovely work by Ted - what huge skill he has and I love that colour so. The ponytail has probably been with us 10 years and you know - I keep seeing flowers on everybody's now! Maybe the hot dry spell we had encouraged them? Fascinating and fabulous tho - will keep documenting it for sure. Go well.

  4. Hope you are both feeling better. You look so chic with that chicken!

    1. Love it Lesley - title for a painting I believe "chic chick with chicken..." Laugh. Yes, almost here 90% I reckon. Go well.


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