Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday Thoughts...

“A good book is always on tap; it may be decanted and drunk a hundred times, and it is still there for further imbibement”. 

 Holbrook Jackson

Somebody who enjoys a glass of red probably wrote these words I reckon; or perhaps  a whisky drinker or a drinker of other spirits.

I imagine its about the decanter - which you can just keep filling up I guess - and that sense of ongoing renewal. Or the idea of beer on tap just flowing.

A good book does offer itself to you time and time again; I can, and do, keep books to read over again and I often enjoy them just as much the second time round, even if for different reasons.

Books can really be the gift that keeps on giving I think.

A well stocked wine cellar!


  1. ah, I gave myself "Labyrinths" By Jorge Luis Borges again for xmas, a book I have read so many times and given away just as many, a good book is soul food.

    1. I love that you have given it back to yourself Mo - I know those books we share and giveaway often need to be re-purchased of ourselves...go well.

  2. I always remember my Dad's amazement that I had read Jane Eyre about 6 or 7 times. In his eyes, you read it once and moved on but I agree with your philosophy. When you find certain books that resonate with you, they become the gift that keeps on giving.

    1. Oh no Lesley, there are definitely books that are keepers and for re-reading time and time again! Some books yes, I read and move on form, but others feel like life-long companions...go well.


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