Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Variety in my life..

I'd have to say I never really get a chance to get bored. I often think I need about three lifetimes to do all the things I want to do; but for now I'll just fill this one up with as much interesting stuff as I can.

I wonder at times if I am a flibbertyjibbert (unsure of the spelling) or if I am just interested in lots of different things and use my brain in a multitude of ways.

Since returning from Toowoomba on Saturday night, my life has been about using produce from the garden, gardening, work-working, book group, catching up with friends, exercising and a sprinkling of mucking about in the studio.

Thanks to some advice I received after failing to get the bleach to really do its thing on black paper or fabric; I bought some fresh bleach and had much more success!

Golden tones on Black Canson.

Rich rusty tones on black cotton.

The garden has been producing madly - summertime will do that - so I have been making and preserving and basically busy in the kitchen whenever I get a moment.

Bell peppers and cherry guavas

Become sweet chilli sauce and cherry guava jelly.

Eggplants become baba ghanouj

Zucchinis become zucchini slice

And not our raspberries, but a delicious Cloud Cake for my Aunt's 80th birthday.

 And most of yesterday and today, I have been writing an online survey for an organisation in Melbourne, work-working.  I had to find a way to get the questions to lead to the right next questions after different responses and here is how I tried to work it out! Feels very different to my art-work; but I guess problem solving is problem solving no matter the problem.

Nonetheless, it does feel as if I am due some solid time in the studio just playing and experimenting and making stuff. Soon I hope, soon!


  1. love the gold tones on the black Canson paper the only thing I worry about with using bleach (and rust) is the potential for the paper to disintegrate

    1. It was deliciously golden wasn't it Mo? I haven't had bleach destroy anything yet - but perhaps haven't waited long enough? I think there are things you can do to stop its action as well - shall look that up!

  2. Gorgeous bleach marks and so different in colour. I know the convential wisdom says bleach and rust ruin things as Mo suggests but I have never had that happen in 20+ years of playing with these things.
    I must beg that zucchini recipe from you. When we have that summer glut of what we call 'courgettes' I never find enough things to do with them. I could do with some 'variety' myself so please share the secret?

    1. The colour differences were astounding - and I love hat about bleach unblock; never sure what it reveal...the zucchini slice is simple and good for using up the bounty!


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