Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Preparing to print

I was able to grab the morning in the studio and just wanted to do something small - pretty much anything - to feel like I had inky fingers and words were happening.

Back in January I mentioned that my touchstones for the year were to be kindness, care and hope.

They remain so, and thus I chose to work with those words as I fiddled and faddled with some type.

I love this typeface - Empire 72 pt. So elegant and reminiscent of Art Deco glamour.

How I prepare it,

And how it should look - flipping the photo - this is how it should print.

This is Falstaff 48pt. It is much squatter, but I love the thicks; they gather so much luscious ink and look sumptuous when printed.

The right way around again.

Followed by the still-to-be-classified elegant gothic/blackletter typeface. Such a contrast; but so lovely - 36pt.

I love how it has two different lower case e s.  (Always hard to write the plural of a letter).
I chose the drop down one when finishing a word and the neutral baseline one for the middle of a word.



and Hope

They printed up OK on this scrap of paper and I shall put them to good use!


  1. If only the thoughts could be translated off the page. Very lovely fiddling and faddling!

    1. Yes, thoughts into action time I think. I do love a good fiddle-faddle Lesley!


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