Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts...

"I look for eternal truths in nature, the rhythms, cycles, seasons, shapes, regeneration, restorative powers, spirit. I’m showing what I believe to be interesting and beautiful".

Rosalie Gascoigne

My first Rosalie quote of the year.

She worked so wonderfully with nature; with moments; with open spaces and with ideas about how those places made you feel.  She could evoke the emptiness of the Monaro plains; the pure delight of a fence disappearing into the horizon line; and the simple beauty of birds gathering.

For all of us, we turn to different elements to soothe, to calm, to excite and to inspire.  Whichever port we choose; nature and its rhythms and cycles are precious; they restore the spirit and as we go up and down in the swell of political dramas; nature reminds us of seasons that come and go; of tides that go in and out; and of moons that wax and wane..

The moon, two years ago...


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