Sunday, March 19, 2017

A working weekend

I managed to corral a bunch of time in the studio over the weekend; and had set aside a number of tasks to get through. It felt good to get a commission completed, and almost out the door; as well as play catch up on a few things.

A number of those small things that had been hanging over my head, have now been sorted and can be ticked off the list.  One of my absolute favourite things - ticking off my list!

Nothing really major, just lots of satisfactory completion.

In amongst it all was some more printing of kindness, hope and care cards, so that everybody who has let me know their address can now receive a pack.

I just love the edges...

I added a few more "Thinking of You..." cards to my pile; they are honestly my go-to card for so many things these days; I always have a stash on hand.

Even if some of them seem to be missing their middles a bit; I kind of like the variegated look!

And to finish, a beautiful bunch of "thank-you" from a studio visitor on Saturday - such happiness in this bunch!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Mo _ i didn't think the sunflowers would work a night, but they popped! Go well.

  2. Fiona, did I thank you for my cards? I can't remember, have been away. Anyway thank you, they are pretty special.

    1. Thanks Penny - glad they arrived safely! Go well

  3. these are really wonderful, fiona - you have a way with paper and letters that impart depth and meaning to even the 'simple' est of sentiments. it's what i work towards as well. because one word can hold an abundance of meaning (as you well know)

    1. Thanks MJ - words are how I make my way through the world...and they hold meaning, oh yes they hold meaning. And energy when you receive them from someone don't you think? Go well

  4. sending a thank you your way. you know why. wish i had managed to visit you both--


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