Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Inside flowers

We have had one of the driest summer on record here - 97% of our State is drought-declared and we are all missing our usual sub-tropical downpours.

Today we got some respite from the dry as the mist and drizzle and gentle rain returned.

It made it quite dark in the house even in the early afternoon, and I couldn't help taking these photos of our dining table looking out to the valley (which is hiding in the mist a bit).

It certainly wasn't the day for wandering outside and looking at things; and we have had workmen over in the studio for a day or two replacing doors and the like so I have been somewhat housebound.

Nonetheless I discovered there were plenty of flowers inside the house...

My dad sometimes lends us his orchids - this beautiful one has the subtlest of vanilla fragrances and is lovely to have around.

A small print of Christmas bush by local printmaker Julie Hanrahan, sits on top of a Ken Munsie and below a Ronnie Tjampinjimpa at our entrance. I have always loved the reflection of the red lines between the two artworks; and the flowers sit happily amongst the lines.

In a niche nearby are local ceramicist Shannon Garson's wee magnolia vases.

And in the office is this framed print,a gain by Julie Hanrahan.
I commissioned her to create a print to celebrate my mum's life. At the time her death we all planted gardenias and I was able to give this print to my family and friends...mum dad and the three kids.

So, lots of flowers everywhere really! They make you smile on a grey old day. Friday is booked for getting to the studio, fingers crossed.


  1. I hadn't realized how dry you were until we saw a map of lack of rain in Qld the other day, although our friend Jill had been muttering. Love your interiors.

    1. Really dry Penny - it's been horrid. Still we are now in the soft mist and muzzle which is making everything breathe a sigh of relief; you can hear the plants smiling!

  2. Lovely images Fiona - we could send you some of our rain as have been flooded in an unusual deluge. I know what those dry spells can be like in Australia - I wish you some rain soon. xx

    1. Thanks Louise - it has been a really weird summer. As we head into Autumn we are having some showers, so maybe summer rain is just delayed? Hope you are surviving your deluges OK, go well.

  3. beautiful photos! Sydney is getting all your rain, it's so green!

    1. Yes indeed Mo - the rain has headed down south big time this year! We are still green, but feel very dry which is weird.


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